The partial lockdown in Singapore will be extended by four weeks till June 1 while the existing measures will be tightened until May 4, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday announced even as the number of coronavirus cases in the country surged past 9,000.

In a televised address, Lee said, “We will implement these tighter measures until May 4. But we will not be able to completely lift the restrictions after that and go back to business as usual. We will therefore extend the circuit breaker for four more weeks, beyond May 4. In other words, until June 1.” “Provided we have brought the community numbers down, we can make further adjustments and consider easing some measures,” he added.

तपाईंको प्रतिकृया
नमस्ते! हरेक पल यहाँसँग हुनेछौं हामी । सत्य, निष्पक्ष, सन्तुलित समाचार र समावेशी खबर आवाजको संवाहक बनेर ।
यी माध्यमबाट अनलाइन पत्रिका मिडिया ग्रुपसँग जोडिनुस् । अनि निरन्तर हरेक खबरमाथि यहाँको निगरानी हुनेछ । धन्यवाद ।