Trishuli river rafting festival from tomorrow


Novmeber 20, From Tuesday the Himalayan White Water Challenge (HWCC) starts and lasts for 3 days. This is the 16th Himalayan White Water Challenge (HWCC).

The three day event is organized by Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA), which will be held in Trishuli river(Dhading to Chitwan).

This event is being organised in order to promote adventurous water rafting tourism, enhance the skills of river guides and athletes, establish Nepal as the best destination of adventurous water tourism and also to promote domestic and international tourism through the means of adventurous water rafting, states NARA. NARA has been organizing this event ever since 2002.

The facilitators of the championship will be Nepali river guides and those from Japan, Dubai, America, Italy, India, Turkey, Iceland and Britain. The championship is to be held in four categories and a winner of each category will go home with a cash prize of Rs 100 thousands, while those becoming second and third will receive Rs 50 thousands and 30 thousands, respectively. Around 500 athletes are said to be taking part in the championship.

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